Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 17 - 06/10/14 Day 1 of being 'alone'

Let me start this off by saying that I have some amazing people in my life. Here I am, trying not to think about the fact that I am going home to an empty house (not counting our pups) and that I won't have any clue on how to keep myself busy besides painting and that costs money.

My sister messaged me for a bit to check up on how I was doing, as well as another dear friend of mine. (Today is 06/11/14 and I've had a few people checking up on me.)

Pink drink, Accelerator (two this time), wait thirty minutes, breakfast which was a fruit and yogurt parfait. Yum! I had another salad for lunch and plenty of water. I noticed that the Accelerator gave me more energy to get me through my days but didn't make me jittery and didn't take away from my sleep. Great! I'm already noticing that I'm not craving sweets and/or snacks as much either, which is wonderful.

I had wraps for dinner, which were good, but not what I apparently wanted... didn't figure that out because after two wraps I was so full! I didn't do much but watch a show and play with the dogs. My knee was KILLING me (not literally) and work had been exhausting. 

Day 16 - 06/09/14 The Leaving Day

Had my normal morning routine, except for the fact that I took off from work to take the boyfriend to the airport, after which I won't see him home for three months. Ugh.

Breakfast was a baked egg in an avocado. Yum! I find avocados delightful! It was a little later than normal, so almost more of a brunch then anything. Then we drove out to the airport and said our goodbyes.

I drove home sad, but hopeful. This was a great opportunity for him! I get home and sit down to watch a movie and eat...paused in the middle to do some dishes and clean out the refrigerator, adding more dishes, then finished the movie. Did all the dishes we have...ALL of them. Then I decided to clean off the counters, so I rearranged some of the items and kitchen gadgets that sit on shelves in our washroom and garage then scrubbed the counters. Swept. Fretted. Watched some shows, and then messaged my mother that I was going crazy and I had been home by myself for all of three/four hours.

She, of course, didn't reply (she is on vacation out of state), but another of my friends called to see what I was up to and if I wanted to go have dinner and catch up. It had almost been a year since we've seen each other. We met up with another friend and ate and had some drinks and I stayed up much too late considering I had work in the morning. But I couldn't appreciate it any more. I slept twenty time better than I thought I would.

Day 15 - 06/08/14 The second week mark...mmmm

Not really what I was hoping, but there has been much eating and celebrating, so okay.
Just lost a pound from last week - 240. BUT I did manage to drop a couple of inches in my thighs!

Pink drink, Accelerator, thirty minutes, breakfast! Scrambled eggs with cheese. I don't really remember what else happened through this day. Lots of being lazy and laundry... and packing. I'm sure we had left overs for dinner again.

Day 14 - 06/07/14 Sleeping in!

I got out of bed at around 10, roughly because I couldn't just lay there anymore. I took my Pink Drink and wondered aimlessly around the house before I cracked my book open.

I was about a chapter in when I became distracted with the thought of the Accelerator I had ordered. Check the status: "DELIVERED!" Whoa! Go check the mail box and sure enough! I took one of those since it is suggested to take one the first few days to see how you'll react to it, before building to two.

I didn't see much of a difference other than within fifteen minutes of taking that pill I was super shaky and ravenous. I KNEW I needed to eat something and fast so I woofed down a piece of bread to help my shaking hands. It helped, greatly.

We went and had lunch at Genghis Grill (I had a coupon for two drinks, two bowls, and two desserts WAY too much food!) and then ran around and did some errands. Had left overs for dinner and went to the movies.

Short again...

Day 13 - 06/06/14 Catching up with old friends

Pink drink.
Wait thirty minutes.
Two waffles....maybe... I can't remember now (LOL)

Work was hectic. I know I had a protein snack, plenty of water. I went to feed the animals and brought a salad back to work and eat and then got to leave early that day. We had dinner with some old friends of mine who I haven't seen for the last four/five years. We're friends on Facebook, but could never get our schedules to match up.

I had a grilled chicken breast, a small salad, baked potatoes, broccoli with cheese, and fruit. We ended up staying much later than planed, but had a blast!

Short post, I know!

Day 12 - 06/05/14 The Hardest Day Of The Week

Pink drink, thirty minutes, 2 waffles-dry, work work work. I did have a protein snack around 10:30/11. And then it just goes downhill...

My parents are out of state and I'm going round to their house at some point during the day (either during lunch or after work) to feed the animals: two dogs, a miniature pony, cats and their kittens, and chickens. I pull up to their mailbox and somehow get the brilliant idea to just lean through my passenger window since I have a FIAT and they're tiny. I didn't, however, think about my arm wrest and broke it. Yup.

Irritated at myself, I pull up to the gate and realize that I have no freaking clue what I did with the keys to not only get into the house, but to open the gate. After searching for a while I gave up and decided to just climb the fence and wing it. I get over with no issues, which is amazing because I'm not wearing the proper footwear for climbing fencing. With some issues, I get the garage door to open (I had forgot the code and hadn't used my clicker before getting out of the car...I'm so smart sometimes...) and make my way into the house. I water plants, make sure everything is in order and then make my way to the backyard, scaring frightened kittens along the way.

I grab up three big dog bone treats and open the gate, where the pony is waiting anxiously for me, whinnying like he hasn't been fed in a week, all is pretty normal. I give him his treat and make my way to the dog enclosure (they escape if out of eye sight within five minutes), I let the dogs out and continue to my duties. Sweet feed and hay for the pony, chicken scratch for chickens and babies, food for the dogs and then all hell breaks lose.

The dogs did something and spooked the pony who then made a mad dash for his protective enclosure, making me step out of the way to not be run over. The chickens were frightened by this and started making a horrendous amount of noise, worrying me and so I go to make sure that nothing is actually in their pen. All clear! When I come out the dogs run around and knock me over so now my work clothes are all dirty.

I grumble and complain all the way through the rest and locking up the house before climbing back over the gate... I was unsuccessful in this attempt and came crashing down the other side. I laid there groaning for a brief moment before I started to get up and see the gate keys had fallen under my car. UGH! All this for nothing!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 11 - 06/04/14 Pizza and Margaritas! (The leaving week)

As much as I don't want my boyfriend to be gone for three months, I'm looking forward to this whole "get together with so-'n'-so and have dinner before I leave" week being done. Whew! It's wearing me out! I think we have one more dinner on Friday, which I already know will be grilled chicken, potatoes, and vegetables, so that won't be too bad, and then we'll be left to our own devices until Monday. We'll see how it goes.

I had my Pink Drink and then half a bagel. I did indulge with a cup of coffee, since I felt groggy. Waiting on that Accelerator to come in! Work has been busy. Spent a good chunk of my day in court taking notes... I had to go the parents house at lunch to feed animals and ate some sort of Asian noodle bowl...thing...for lunch. Pretty good, actually.

Went to a gourmet pizza place with friends and it was $2 wells and margaritas...couldn't pass that up! I ended up having two slices of pizza, two margaritas, and plenty of fun!

So here's a list of what I had for the day:

Pink Drink
Half bagel
12 ounces of coffee
1 serving of Pacific Gold beef jerky for a protein snack
1 string cheese stick
Weirdly delicious Asian noodle bowl
2 slices of gourmet pizza (neither had meat, now that I think about it)
2 margaritas
80 ounces of water (give or take)

All in all.... not bad!